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Twizel offers some fun free-stone streams and is the gateway to many other fine fly fishing rivers and river systems. While in my teens we use to have a family lakeside holiday home on the shores of Lake Ohau and a lot of time was spent trout fishing in this beautiful location, in fact some of my very first guiding days were up in the head waters of Lake Ohau, this picturesque area offers some fine trout fly-fishing waters.

Generally the rivers up in the Ohau catchments seem to have a lot higher numbers of Rainbows than Browns. A couple of remote spring feeder streams do produce some action-packed days on cascades, mainly Rainbows when conditions are prime but yes there are also some large big Browns to be had. Again this is another location on the back bone of the Alpine Divide and the winds tend to get vacuumed from the West to east, the ever waiting North West wind always seem to be not far away .

There are a couple of rivers in this location that hold a very high reputation for their oversized Brown and Rainbow trout, and there still exists the odd unspoken stream that is worth exploring in favourable season conditions.

As with all fly fishing locations in New Zealand we highly recommend using a professional fly fishing guide. Professional registered fishing guides all hold valid department of conservation concessions and insurances.