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Lake Tekapo is located in the very middle of the South Island of New Zealand. There is a series of large lakes up in this renowned district known as the Mackenzie High County and the rivers that flow up in and around these stunning alpine catchments offer all sorts of trout fly fishing gems. I have spent a large part of my early fishing day’s exploring and fishing most of these waters and the variety of water types up in this fisherman’s paradises really makes this location one of the very best. So you take the seemingly endless amount of rivers, streams, small mountain creeks, spring creeks, high mountain tarns and add to this New Zealand’s renowned wild big browns and Rainbow trout all surrounded by pictures snow-capped mountain ranges and you will find yourself the perfect fly fishing setting you could imagine. Fly fishing in the Lake Tekapo region is up there on our priority list when weather conditions permit us to visit this New Zealand trout fly fishing treasure. We have many great fly fishing tour options that include this location, our intimate knowledge of guided fly fishing Tekapo and out-lying boundaries will insure a great fly fishing experience is had.

As with all fly fishing locations in New Zealand we highly recommend using a professional fly fishing guide. Professional registered fishing guides all hold valid department of conservation concessions and insurances.