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Fly Fishing New Zealand's Finest Rivers

New Zealand holds a reputation for having some of the best trout fly fishing waters in the world.

The variety of rivers and streams to fly fish in New Zealand's South Island is truly amazing but the high numbers of large wild trout that inhabit such classical mountain streams can even be a little overwhelming to the foreign angler. The fact that New Zealand offers such a safe and friendly environment in which to explore and fish these superb fly fishing waters is a key component to this world class trout fishing destination.

Wild big trout, captivating clear rivers, professional accredited guides, superb accommodation variety, flavoursome foods.

New Zealand offers the complete package.

Remote Back Country Streams

There are a good number of rivers and streams that are not widely spoken about in New Zealand - these are the waters that all guides treasure and try to keep low key and low pressured if and when possible.

There are so many waterways to explore in the South Island and for the best part it would take many years to walk, explore and fish them all. This is where the guides knowledge of these sometimes mythical waters and their ever-changing fishing moods play their part, the guides understanding and knowledge of these exceptional fishing locations can make a fly-fishing dream turn into reality for many visiting anglers.


We highly recommend a fly fishing guide that is registered with the New Zealand professional fishing guides association


Why Fly Fishing in New Zealand is So Good

  • The average size of trout
  • The variety of waters to fish
  • The ever-changing stunning scenery back drops
  • The safe environment in which to travel, explore and fish.

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