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In Search of Trophy Browns and Rainbows

Guided fly fishing expeditions for Big Brown and Rainbow Trout in the South Island of New Zealand, this is what we specialize in. 

There are a few known waters where the larger trout reside. For those that wish to visit and fish these specific locations we do offer the chance of fishing to trout where your skills will be put to the test.

There is nothing like that pounding of the heart when you know the fish you are casting to is worthy of being a trophy. Having that noise of the fish break the water to take your offering can be a heart stopper - the strike goes into a dream-like status and then everything explodes as the trout does everything in its powers to unhook.

I actually think my heart rate just went up as I was writing that. So yes there are some great opportunities for those wishing to specifically fish to the big ones.

Sight fishing to trophy Browns and Rainbows in New Zealand’s clear mountain rivers has to be regarded as the pinnacle of trout fishing on the fly.


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