Guiding since 2000

Fly Fishing for Everyone!

We cater to all fly fishing abilities - that's the advance angler searching for the trophy big browns in New Zealand's best head water rivers... to the novice just looking for a fantastic fly fishing trip... to even someone who has never picked up a fly rod. 

The success of our guided tours comes down to many key components. The guide's abilty to work with all types of people and guide them in an understanding and enjoyable manner to ensure the best outcome on any given guiding day is parmount. Having so many classical fly fishing waters close to us gives us a huge amount of great fly fishing options.

Remote Excursions

We do specialize and enjoy getting off the beaten track and excursions into the remote head water streams in Canterbury’s and Otago’s back country is our specialty. In these locations we know the river and weather conditions well. 

Making It Easy

Package options are available that include all required fly fishing gear, fly fishing guide and accommodation along with transfers as required. Get in touch for more information on these options. 

Fly Fishing Equipment

We can supply all fly fishing equipment upon request, Simms boots and waders, Sage rods and reels.

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