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About Fly Fishing New Zealand

Fly Fishing for Trout in New Zealand’s South Island with a Professional Fly Fishing Guide is your guarantee to exceptional fly fishing in New Zealand.

Fly Fish New Zealand is owned and operated by Professional and Registered Fly Fishing Guide Paul McLauchlan and wife Jude who is the back bone to this hard working successful team. (Paul) Born and raised in this region known as the Central South Island of New Zealand’s fly fishing regions has spent a good part of his time fly fishing, exploring and guiding in this picturesque region which is referred to by local and foreign anglers alike as a fly fisher’s paradise. The guides intermit knowledge of these epic fly fishing rivers and there ever changing environments and fishing moods will help insure your time on the river is enjoyable, informative and ultimately very rewarding.

The high status that New Zealand holds as one of the best trout fly fishing destination’s in the world dose truly come down to many key components, all of which contribute towards producing the complete New Zealand fly fishing experience. The approachable friendly locales, fantastic locale foods and wines, exceptional accommodation variety at all levels, well-tuned hardworking professional fly fishing guides, spectacular ever changing scenic surrounds and yes the large wild Brown and Rainbow trout that inhabit New Zealand’s sensational rivers, streams and crystal clear spring waters - this is the best of New Zealand Fly-fishing.

The Central South Island fishing region is located in the very heart of New Zealand’s South Island. 

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Fly fishing tours for everyone

It is our goal to produce a fantastic fly fishing experience for everyone. Our preferred practice on all guided tours is for the guide to work with you, inform and coach you through all required aspects of the fly fishing time. This required team work between guide and client adds such a great element to the fly fishing day and this is where the guide’s ability to connect with all clients is extremely important.
You are in the hands of an accredited professional fly fishing guide.

The heart of New Zealand's South Island is the perfect base for fly fishing due to the overwhelming amount of water types to fish. Having so many river options to fish also means there is almost always somewhere to fish in the unlikely event of bad weather conditions. 

New Zealand Fly Fishing Style

Our expertise is fishing to sighted trout. For those unfamiliar with this New Zealand fishing style sight fishing is where we walk the river edges in search of feeding trout of which we will then stalk in on the fish to a good casting position, then a little discussion between angler and guide on fly selection tippet length and best drift to land the fly will be coincided before the fly is presented to the trout.

This team work between guide and angler is not always required, for experienced anglers usually have a good feel for what is needed in order to get the trout to take the fly but in many cases it pays to talk over different fishing techniques and strategies to each other a lot like the caddies job in golf this way a little thought is given to the task at hand and chance and luck are replaced with good presentation and success.

This style of fishing to trout on the fly is a truly exciting and productive form of fly fishing, the guide’s knowledge of river conditions, access points, weather patterns and river options help ensure the best possible outcome in the fly fishing day as such factors as clear water, blue skies, and friendly winds are the key ingredients for prime fishing conditions.

New Zealand travel planning 

Our guiding service not only offers exceptional guided fly fishing in New Zealand, we also offer our professional help when it comes to any other holiday request and requirements: accommodation, transfers, car rentals etc.

About fly fishing guide, Paul McLauchlan

Dedicated professional fly fishing guide and specialist in fishing to sighted trout in New Zealand's finest fly fishing waters. An experienced full time guide since 2000.

  • Member of NZPFGA.
  • Extensive knowledge of the Central South Island and surrounding districts: 
  • Is a head-water specialist, alpine streams, freestone mountain rivers and clear spring creeks are his specialty.
  • Has a great reputation for connecting with clients.
  • Has a long time standing relationship with farm, station, and ranch owners giving great access to New Zealand's finest back-country rivers.
  • Fished and guided extensively throughout New Zealand's South Island.
  • Holds Department of Conservation concessions to fish National Parkland and DOC preserves.
  • First Aid Certified.
  • Helicopter Safety Certified.
  • Carries Emergency Re-locater Beacon.
  • Holds Full Insurance Requirements.
  • Courtesy Four Wheel Drive vehicle is keep to high standard, Toyota Prados are used.

About tour planner and personal travel consultant: Jude McLauchlan

Paul's wife Jude plays a huge part in their daily operations. As well as being a full time Mum to nine year old son Koby she is the one behind the scenes taking care of the client emails. She is well accustomed to looking after all required components that help insure a well-planned fly fishing adventure for our clients.

Jude has being in front-line travel for over twenty years and was the manager of one of the local travel agencies 'The Flight Centre' where she was an Award Winning Consultant for seven consecutive years. With her extensive experience, she is able to help clients get the best available information and options that will help to insure a great time is had whilst on your New Zealand fly fishing adventure holiday. Jude is only too happy to help out with any questions or required information so please do not hesitate to ask.

New Zealand's best fly fishing guides - Why choose us?

There are a lot of great New Zealand fly fishing guides out there and most have excellent fishing skills and incredible knowledge of the fisheries they fish. There are a selection of guides that are known for their pure talent in all fields of importance when it comes to Fly fishing New Zealand’s South Island especially when fishing the incredible Back country waters. Some guides are just that little more connected to fisheries and weather patterns which all helps in producing great rewarding days on the river.

Good guides know there is more to a rewarding experience than simply getting clients onto fish. The guide’s natural ability to connect with the clients and to ensure an enjoyable and relaxed environment is paramount.

            We not only want you to hook up and land a bunch of trout, but we want to make sure you have a fantastic time doing this.

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